Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Course Name: Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Catalog Course # CAT30

CE's: 6 hours


In this course, students will be able to identify planes, cavities of the body as well as abdominal quadrants.  They will explore each body system and its respective function.  Students will be able to identify muscles and understand their physiology.  Students will develop the skills to improve their written communication by learning medical terminology.

This 6-hour course is broken into 1-hour sections.  All lesson quizzes are multiple-choice.  There are 24 possible points for this course.  Each quiz consists of 4 questions designed to test knowledge of the lesson, objectives, and section goals.  Students must successfully answer 3 of the 4 questions correctly to receive completion for that individual section.  Students must attain an overall score of 18 out of 24, which is equivalent to 75% or better to pass the course.  Students will be allowed to retake each section quiz after re-studying the course material for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Each section has a multiple-choice test, there are 24 possible points for this course.

Learning Objectives

1.    Identify anatomical structures (bone, muscles, nerves)

2.    Describe the different body systems and their functions

3.    Utilize medical terminology, prefixes, and suffixes

4.    Identify common abbreviations used in medical documentation



PACE # 131

NVCPB #NV26-000

Price: $99