PT2 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehab for the Chiropractic Assistant (6 CEs)

Catalog Course # CAT28


Learn how to demonstrate and perform techniques for proctoring patients safely with various passive and active stretching and strengthening exercises. Students will learn exercises utilizing band, ball and wobble board. Instruction will be given in neuromuscular reeducation exercises that improve coordination and balance as well as learning post isometric relaxation stretching. Students will develop an understanding of various postural conditions and explore both phasic and postural muscles.

This 6-hour course is broken into 1-hour sections.  All lesson quizzes are multiple choice.  There are 24 possible points for this course.  Each quiz consists of 4 questions designed to test knowledge of the lesson, objectives, and section goals.  Students must successfully answer 3 of the 4 questions correctly to receive a completion for that individual section.  Students must attain an overall score of 18 out of 24, which is equivalent to 75% or better to pass the course.  Students will be allowed to retake each section quiz after re-studying the course material for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Each section has a multiple-choice test, there are 24 possible points for this course.

Learning Objectives

1.       Identify indications and contraindications for each type of therapy

2.       Document therapy properly

3.       Demonstrate and instruct the patient on how to perform safely the following:

a.     Therapeutic exercises including stretches and strengthening exercises for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the spine

b.     Rehabilitation techniques.

c.     Understand the concepts of postural conditions.

d.     Explore phasic and postural muscles.

e.     Learn how to perform and instruct patients on ball exercises that address specific postural conditions.

f.      Neuromuscular re-education

g.     Learn how to perform post isometric relaxation stretching

h.     Instruct patients on balance board exercises


PACE #133

NVCB #NV26-000

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